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Бізнесс Утіліти
Розробник: Katsunori Aoki

xltRadio is a calculator for RF engineer.
This app. let you quickly compute Free-space path loss, Fresnel radius, Received Signal Strength (RSS), Thermal noise and CNR.

You can change units for distance, power and bandwidth by tapping them.

Tap the map button at main view then map will appear. Tap and scroll the map to locate the transmission point to the center of the map. Then tap "PinA(PinB)" button at the toolbar to drop a Red(Purple) Pin which represents the transmission(the reception point).

This app calculates the distance between the red pin and the purple pin, and overlays fresnel zone on the map.

Tap the Prof button at map view then profile view will appear. Please set height of antenna to h1 and h2. This profile view shows center of beam with fresnel zone and grand plane.